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PinoccioWhen it comes to the issue of energy, “the truth” is often hidden beneath ignorance, greed, politics and many other ugly disguises. 
Is “global climate change” for real? Have we reached “peak oil” yet? Is “clean coal” possible? Will “natural gas” actually rescue the country? Can millions of “green jobs” be created? And this list of questions can go on, and on, and on, and on…
When I explain our services to people, I immediately get a smug reaction, as they often seem to believe that we are a firm set in place to advance the agendas of others by getting paid to push propaganda BS and sugar-coat the harsh realities that exist in the energy industry.
We live in an information age where, eventually (if they search hard enough), people will discover the truth. Consider the fact that every time a political figure speaks, such as the great presidential debates we experienced last year, the media immediately dissects each statement, and clarifies it as “fact” or “fiction.” WHAT? You mean politicians aren’t allowed to lie anymore?
True public relations practitioners know the ill effects that careless propaganda and spinning can bring, but that doesn’t keep us from falling into the trap. I’ve asked myself… “Is it actually possible to provide “honest” public relations services to the energy industry?” We’ll see…

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